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  • Donguri Republic Will be Stationed in the Harbour City LCX, Hong Kong

Donguri Republic Will be Stationed in the Harbour City LCX, Hong Kong

Author: macauEditor13     Time: 06/09/2013     Views: 125     Share:

Japan’s first overseas Hayao Miyazaki souvenir brance store-Donguri Republic will be stationed in the LCX, Harbour City and will be opened on June 21th, 2013. Donguri Republic so far has 28 branches in Japan which sold a large number of the masterpiece souvenirs of the Ghibli Movie Studio, such as the cartoon My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Ponyo and so on.

Donguri Republic promotional activity

At this time, it will not only release the products of the Japnese brance stores but also offer the limited edition products in Hong Kong store. 

Time: The activity started from June 7th.

The display of the Ghibli Movie Studio

Date: June 7th to July 31th

Cost: free

Address: LCX Entrance, Harbour City

Chinchilla display boards

To celebrate the new store opening, LCX will organize a Ghibli Movie Studio Exhibition from now to July 31th. And it will also exhibit the chinchilla display boards for tourists. From the opening day, visitors who present the photo of the display boards in camera or in the phone to the staff or commend the display boards in the facebook can get a limited edition badge.

Date: June7th to July 21th

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