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Guangzhou Chimelong Paradise Package

Author: Eunice     Time: 01/17/2013     Views: 159     Share:

Guangzhou Chimelong Paradise is acturally a paradise for visitors. Right here, you can play dive coaster, merry-go-round, large pendulum and half pipe etc.. The ticket price for adults is USD29 and for children and the aged is USD17. Booking package is cheaper than just booking the entrance ticket of Paradise.

Booking Packages:

Chimelong International Circus + Chimelong Paradise 

Chimelong International Circus

As one of the subsidiary companies of Guangzhou Chimelong Group, Chimelong International Circus is the world’s largest permanent circus, founded in 2000, with more than 8000 seats in the circus stadium. Combining the best international circus acts, Chimelong International Circus aims to thrill visitors with the most amazing show imaginable. Since the circus’s commencement, it has produced three successful and uniquely different shows, including the first show The Galaxy, the second show The Jurassic Moon, and the current and third show the Forest Code. In Jan 2009, with a huge investment, the Brand New Forest Code has upgraded its stories, lighting, special effects, and costumes to make the current show the best ever!

Xiangjiang Safari Park + Chimelong Paradise 


Situated among thousands of acres of subtropical rainforest and inhabited by over 20000 animals from 460 species, Guangzhou Xiangjiang Safari Park is the largest wildlife theme park on the globe. With more than half of the world’s white tiger population, the only twin koalas in the world, China’s treasure pandas, and many other endangered and rare species, Xiangjiang Safari Park has indeed become a vivid animal encyclopedia and one of the most important wildlife reserve in the world. Come visit China’s first ever drive-through wildlife park inside Xiangjiang Safari Park and you will surely have a wild and exotic experience!

Chimelong Crocodile Park + Chimelong Paradise 


Guangzhou Crocodile Park is one component of the larger Chimelong Tourism Resort. With over 13,340,000 square meters and over 100 thousand crocodiles, the park is the largest crocodile-themed amusement park in the world. Guangzhou Crocodile Park consists of seven different areas and brings the guests an astonishing experience of standing among 100 thousand crocodiles.

About Chimelong Paradise

Book the Chimelong Paradise Ticket only 

Chimelong Paradise

Chimelong Paradise is located at the heart of the Chimelong Tourism Resort area, which is one of the first 5A Tourism Area in China. Covering an area of 1 million square meters and invested with over 2 billion RMB by the Chimelong Group, Chimelong Paradise is blend of thrilling rides, stunning performances, and world class service. Since its opening in April 7.2006, the park has received millions of tourists, with the highest daily reception of guests reaching 50 thousand people.

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